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Thread: Baby on a hunger strike! Help!

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    Default Baby on a hunger strike! Help!

    I've gone back to work a week ago and my 6 month old daughter won't eat/drink while I'm away. I'm gone for 9+ hours at a stretch and nothing my husband tries (slow nipple, medium nipple, fast nipple, sippy cup, straw cup, regular cup, getting her to eat on his lap, in the swing, facing him, facing away from him, in the crib, on the couch, in the carrier) works.

    I'm concerned that she is not getting enough to eat (she is in the 3rd percentile weight-wise) or that she could become dehydrated. It also just breaks my heart to know that she won't eat for this long. She becomes crabby and upset, but still pushes the bottle/cup/sippy away in frustration.

    Any advice would be really appreciated!

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    Default Re: Baby on a hunger strike! Help!

    Lots of babies wait for their mothers. It's not ideal but as long as she is reverse cycling while together with you she won't starve. It is stressfull and it may change but as long as you are graning her full access to your breast for the 15hours a day you are together it's fine.

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    Default Re: Baby on a hunger strike! Help!

    Could your milk have lipase? That makes the milk taste soapy. I would read up on that. There are a few tricks you can try to rid the milk of the lipase. The best way to find out is to just try leaving your milk out before freezing (I think that's what they tell you to do if you have lipase in your milk), and then see how she does the next day. GL!
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