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    I am a first time mom to a 3 month old boy. We ebf and he sleeps great at night, in his crib. He goes to bed around 8 and sleeps until about 6, getting up once to eat. During the day, however, he likes to nap on me and wake up periodically to nurse during naps. He just started this about a week ago. I am wondering if anyone else has or had a baby like this and if allowing him to nurse during naps disrupts his nighttime sleep pattern and creates a sleep association with constant nursing? I am just not sure if I should discourage this? Thanks

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    If its not a problem for you, it's not a problem

    My baby nurses whenever he wants at night, cosleeping, but usually does not nurse for his naps which are either in the carrier or with dad. So I think babies can learn different ways of napping & sleeping. And it's totally normal for baby to want to nap on you.
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    My DD nurses to sleep, except when she takes a nap with daddy while I'm away for a couple hours in the afternoon. Sometimes she nurses through the whole nap (all 30 minutes of it!), and sometimes she pops off after a few minutes. Just depends. She also cosleeps with me at night, but unless I'm seriously sleeping through a lot more nursing than I realize, she's not on the boob all night long.

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    Thank you! I am happy with him napping on me. Sometimes I wish I could get a little more done during the day, but I figure he's only little once. He won't want to snuggle with me forever. I just have read so much about "sleep associations" and I wasn't sure if I should worry about creating one by letting him nurse when he wakes while napping. As a new mom, I wasn't sure if that was a real worry or nonsense in some of the parenting books. Right now, what we are doing is working. So, I won't borrow trouble. Thanks for your reassuring replies.

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