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Thread: Baby not nursing well, frequently latching on and off...

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    Default Baby not nursing well, frequently latching on and off...

    Hello! I have a 6 month old baby I am breastfeeding. She fed well up until the last month or so when she's started latching on sucking a couple of times, then latching off....then repeat. Occasionally, she will really feed well (most of these occurences are at night). I'm concerned she's going to loose or at least not gain adequate weight. I would describe her as easiliy distractable and discussed this with our pediatrician who didn't have any particular advice. She is now at the fortieth percentile for weight and started out at the 90th percentile. Is this just distractability, could it be worsening reflux, or do you all have any other ideas?
    BTW, I breastfeed, pump and feed, and supplement with formula. I have a lot of difficulty with a low milk supply. Thought I might provide some details.


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    Default Re: Baby not nursing well, frequently latching on and off...

    Maybe she is getting impatient waiting for the milk to flow. Could you poss hand express just before you put her on to get the milk flowing, so that when she latches on, milk is available immediately? Might be worth a try!

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    Default Re: Baby not nursing well, frequently latching on and off...

    Your babies behavior at the breast is entirely normal for this age and would not on it's own be any reason to worry. But since you have struggled with low supply and are already supplementing I understand your concern.

    How are you supplementing? Is there any way to supplement at the breast, with a lactation aid (aka nursing supplementer)? Bottles often cause something called 'flow confusion' where baby gets used to the rapid flow from the bottle and this can cause 'flow confusion' at the breast. The tip jah73 gives above could help with this. Also if you are using a pacifier that could exacerbate something called 'triple nipple syndrome" where baby begins to refuse the breast since baby is used to "eating" from the bottle and pacifiing with the paci. Ideally, both of these things-eating and comforting-should be happening at the breast. This not only helps with milk supply but also with keeping baby associating the breast with all things good.

    Other tips for gently encouraging baby to nurse: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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