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Thread: Falling Asleep on OWN (mostly)!

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    Default Falling Asleep on OWN (mostly)!

    So progress has been made in the sleep department!! LO (now 12mos) nurses to mostly sleepy, then will start fussing UNTIL I deposit him in crib ( ). And... I discovered that he's kicking off the covers or getting cold... so a new sleep sack (paired with a sweater, since it's cold here)... is helping him sleep longer. Finally... he's decided that instead of pottying every time he nurses (we EC) -- he just holds it (so far he loses it after ~6hrs). It's been soooooo nice to finally see him doing this on his own time (without CIO!).

    We even had an almost 5hr stretch the other night I think. But definitely are getting 3-4 hour stretches... which is WAY better than 1-2 hour stretches a couple months ago.

    {had to share!}
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    Default Re: Falling Asleep on OWN (mostly)!

    Fabulous, mama! You get a lot of kudos for being so patient and generous with your LO.

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