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Thread: Weight loss while breastfeeding

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    Default Weight loss while breastfeeding

    My 2nd baby is 3 months old and I am definitely not losing weight like the first. My second baby was also 2 lbs bigger. I'm 15+ lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm nervous to diet and workout because I don't want it to hurt my milk supply. Also, I'm not getting much sleep these days.
    Any advice on how to lose weight safely while nursing? Do you think 3 days of maybe 30 minutes of cardio and weight lifting is too much to start?

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    I too, am 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight - 4 months postpartum! I understand your frustration. this sucks!

    I'm not really feeling up to exercising yet so I can't speak from personal experience, but I keep reading that losing 1-2 pounds per week is safe while breastfeeding.

    Have you heard of the book, "eat well, lose weight, while breastfeeding" by Eileen behan? I'm currently reading it and it has loads of good information...sample daily menus and recipes. now if I could only find the strength to follow the suggestions! hmph. I was very sick while pregnant and I never wanted to eat, so I am making up for lost time now. it's just so good to feel hungry again!

    I wish I could help with your question about exercise...but there is a nice section in the book about working out and what pace is safe.

    best of luck!

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    Default Re: Weight loss while breastfeeding

    You might want to start by checking out this book: http://www.amazon.com/Well-Lose-Weig...4105555&sr=8-1. It's a great resource on nutrition and weight loss for nursing moms.

    Most moms can safely diet and exercise while nursing. Dieting generally does not impact supply unless a mom is starving herself and becoming malnourished. Exercise is a little more tricky, mostly because if you are doing anything more strenuous than walking you're probably wearing a sports bra, and they often hold things in place by compression. A tight-fitting or ill-fitting bra can cause plugged ducts or reduced supply, so before you commit to exercise make sure you have a really good bra. A new bra is probably a good idea, since you may have changed sizes since the last time you worked out.

    I don't think 30 minutes of cardio and weight is too much- a lot of moms around here do the 30 Day Shred and it works out okay for them.

    ETA: the PP beat me to the punch and recommended the same book I did!

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    Default Re: Weight loss while breastfeeding

    You can both diet and excercise while nursing. It's fine. Just keep it sensible. It took you nine months to gain that weight, it's going to take some time to lose it in a healthy way. Great advice from mommal re: bras.

    Sigh. 15 pounds. I usually have like 50 to lose..

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    I subscribed to a "9 months up, 9 months down" mantra so didn't worry about my weight till much later than you are. BUT, when my DS turned 9 months I started Weight Watchers online (super easy to keep track of what you eat using your phone) and love it. They increase your suggested food intake if you are a breastfeeding (and they actually differentiate between exclusively breastfeeding, and breastfeeding when your child is also eating solids, which I think is cool.)
    I LOVE to exercise, but unless I'm really on top of it, it doesn't help much with my weight. As a friend of mine said, "Exercise is good for the state of my mind. Dieting is good for the state of my butt."
    I will say that the first week I was on Weight Watchers, my milk supply plummeted. I think my body was just adjusting. But I had some frozen milk stored up, and since that first week, all has been fine. I'm using every single one of my "points" (that's how Weight Watchers works) and losing a healthy 1.5-2 lbs per week.
    Good luck!
    Mom to Austin (6.9.11)

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    Default Re: Weight loss while breastfeeding

    When I went in for my 6 week check up my OBGYN actually told me that I was free to work out and diet as much as I wanted to long as I made sure I stayed hydrated, didn't do a fast, didn't cut out all carbs, didn't switch to a one food diet (like the grapefruit diet) and made sure that I got enough vitamins and the like from what I ate. So I imagine you're probably okay to get started gently by now, unless your doctor says otherwise.

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    Walk! I started light walking one week after delivery. I started out at 10 minutes that first week. The next week I increased to 15 minutes, then to 20 min, etc. At my 6 week appointment, I got the clearance to do more cardio. However, I stayed with walking and just increased the length of time (60-120 minutes per session) and stepped up the pace. I walk with baby in the stroller or carry him in a wrap. Within 2 weeks I noticed a considerable difference in the muscle tone in my legs. I made it a point to walk everyday, even if I could only squeeze in 20 minutes on the treadmill. I live on the east coast where we've been having great weather so most of my walking has been outdoors on trails or in parks.
    In addition, I dowloaded a calorie counter (my fitness pal) and that has also been very helpful. There is the ability to enter "breast feeding" into the log so it understands more about your calorie requirements and ability to burn them through feeding (however I just eat more to keep at around a 1500 calories/day). I've noticed no change in my supply, and have been taking off the weight slowly each week.

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