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Thread: Solids struggle with my 10mo special needs baby

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    Default Re: Solids struggle with my 10mo special needs baby

    Yeah, Joe didn't really get into solids until he was 13 or 14 months, and he still kind of eats like a bird. All while standing a head taller and 5 lbs heavier than many of his peers, so who knows?

    I never did fortified cereals, preferring to give him meat, dried fruits, greens, and other foods high in iron.

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    Default Re: Solids struggle with my 10mo special needs baby

    My twins didn't really do much more than play with solids until they were a year; nursing was (and is) the preferred method of dining! It sounds like your daughter is doing great. As was said, if you are concerned about iron levels and your DD does nurse quite a lot, you could take an iron supplement and that might help to increase her levels if you are not feeling confident in getting additional iron into her another way. Do also note that the iron found is breastmilk is highly bioavailable compared with iron found in other foods. So even if your DD is not seeming as though she is getting enough iron elsewhere, she can use almost every bit that she gets from you. Anemia does sneak up so just watch for it. If her levels are great now then I think you're doing everything right!
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    Default Re: Solids struggle with my 10mo special needs baby

    Thanks so much ladies! Your solids experiences with your little ones put me more at ease. Our pediatrician was just surprised that we weren't doing any cereals and warned of the possibility of her getting anemia because she is breastfed. I will lean more towards mashed proteins/broths for her iron intake -- she does like the rice cereal so I'm feeling like it's probably okay for me to feed her on that at least once a day. She had some pureed beef minestrone soup tonight and liked that pretty well.

    I re-read the "Everybody Weans" section of the new edition of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding today and that helped me feel more affirmed in my decision to allow her to nurse as much as she wants. I was getting some well-meaning but persistent encouragement from my mom to do some semi-weaning (withholding nursing until she consumed solids at a feeding even if she gets fussy) because I've been breaking down crying a lot lately (not enough sleep and chores piling up) but I didn't feel right about that at all. I just need to make sure I take more breaks when I can get them so I don't burn out!

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