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Thread: One breast "snacks" at night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*pisces15 View Post
    I'm a little concerned by the hardcore advice to just suffer through all night frequent feedings regardless of the impact to the mother's sanity and health. Not just on this forum but other llli forums. Breast is best, but expressed BM is just as good if the alternative is having an accident on the way to work because Mom falls asleep behind the wheel.

    Please also keep in mind that your supply will suffer from stress, exhaustion, depression. So let's just be a little realistic here and if Mom needs some sleep, there is no harm in Dad giving a bottle.

    Co-sleeping is also not an option if you have a noisy sleeper or are constantly worried about SIDS. We don't co-sleep because our little girl squeaks, grunts and squeals in her sleep and keeps us up - defeating the purpose completely.

    Just do what feels right - and remember that Mom's health and safety is just as important as baby's.
    Totally agree! I went through this, and I just stopped offering the 2nd breast at night because I would try my hardest to wake DD up for at least 20 minutes only to have her suck a tiny bit on the next side. She would snack at night, but this was short lived as she needed more calories (this is how I rationalize it). She would wake up every 2-3 hours for a 2 minute snack and I was worried she wasn't getting enough.

    Just let your baby set the pace. If LO starts fussing a tiny bit, see if they will go back to sleep. If they continue to fuss, then pick him up and nurse him lying down (you can doze off during this half hour that he is feeding). Eventually he will be taking bigger meals at night as he gets older (he is only 8 wks!!) and you will get more sleep.

    You can do this, hang in there In the meantime, try to take naps as much as possible during the day!

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    Default Re: One breast "snacks" at night?

    I think if you're worried about losing supply by having SO give a bottle, maybe a good way to approach that is when you get up to feed him the first time, if you can manage it and aren't too disoriented, pump the other side at the same time. That gives both breasts stimulation and some emptying - so say you were going to feed him twice in two hours, but from one breast at a time, pumping the other side, then having SO give the next bottle still gets him fed every hour and also has stimulated both your breasts for that two hour period. That might be complicated or not what you want to deal with at night, but it might be one approach.

    I definitely think there's a point where something's got to give with the sleep deprivation, and it's hard to be a good mama the rest of the time when you're seeing things and disoriented from lack of sleep.

    I understand the anxiety on cosleeping - I wouldn't do it in our bed because it was unsafe, but I will say that there are sometimes when side-lying, even on the floor, has saved my sanity (I usually use the guest bed, it is firmer and the sheets fit better, and it is much safer, but it's occupied sometimes, so a few blankets and a pillow and the floor works just as well). On occasions when LO will not go down easily, and has been up more than a few times, I just stick him on, pull up a pillow, and go to sleep. His little movements often rouse me slightly, so I'm aware of him, but don't wake me completely and it is the only way I've survived a few bad nights. Humans really are hard-wired for this, you are very unlikely to roll over on him.

    Sleep deprivation is no joke - stay healthy and get as much as you can during the day.

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