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    I have a one month old that I nurse with the exception of one bottle a day ( breast milk) I have been nursing for 10-15 min on each side. The past two days he has only nursed for 10 min on the side that produces more. My question is, is 10 min on one side giving him a sufficient amount?

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    I've found that instead of watching the clock, it's better to watch baby. Nurse until he unlatches himself. At that point you can burp him and see if he wants the other side. Start the next feeding with the second side. Baby will regulate his intake and your production that way.
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    Yes, it can be. My LO often finished in under 15 min, sometimes only 5 min, and only one side at a time. She is 20 lbs now at 6 months
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    Yep. Some babies only need a few minutes. Stop watching the clock
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    Yup, that is totally fine. My LO will go as little as 3 minutes sometimes.
    It doesn't hurt to offer the breast more if you think that baby hasn't eaten enough, but don't force it! If baby doesn't want to drink, then baby doesn't want to drink.

    LO will finish a 5 min feeding, sometimes take the other side, but is usually content. Don't worry, and don't watch the clock

    good luck

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    agree w/ others in that you should not watch the clock. although, i know that "time" can be drilled into new moms, because many hospitals give you nursing "tracking" sheets to log minutes, and many pediatricians will ask how long baby nurses for.

    both of my kids were very efficient by even 1-2 mos, and could empty a boob in just a few minutes. some babies nurse longer than others; some like to keep going for comfort, some stop when their tummies are full, etc.
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