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Thread: 10 month thank you

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    Thumbs up 10 month thank you

    Hello All!

    I just wanted to post and say a few things.

    1. I've made it 10 months of breastfeeding!! Through working weird hours, pumping, co sleeping, etc etc
    2. Thank you for the support I've received on here. I don't know how successful I would have been without it
    3. Here's to another 10 months! (or however long lol)

    Thank you all So much!
    Pumped for Kaiser (DS1) for 6 months (8/16/08)

    Now BF Ronin (DS2) AND I'M SO HAPPY!!! (6/16/11)

    Donated 140 oz of breast milk (14 oz of colostrum) to the human milk bank in Denver, CO!!!! Check it out!

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    Default Re: 10 month thank you

    Thanks for the thanks, mama, but YOU deserve the credit. It takes a lot of hard work to make it to 10 months, and you did it! Congratulations!

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