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Thread: How much water for a 13 month old?

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    Default How much water for a 13 month old?

    I am such a first-timer. It's kind of adorable. Even though my DS is now 13 months, I still get nervous and over-cautious when relatives give him water when he's thirsty instead of BM. I have no problems with supply and he seems happy to drink water occasionally, but the only info I have filed in my head about water is that BF babies don't need it. I think that must change after one year old.

    My question is - when should water intake ramp up? Is it proportional to the amount of solids he eats?

    I wonder what other BF rules I'm nervous about that no longer apply after the one year mark...

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    Default Re: How much water for a 13 month old?

    I don't think there are many rules about how much water a toddler should drink after a year. It depends a lot on breastfeeding frequency- if your toddler is still mostly breastfed, he's unlikely to need much water. If he's nursing just a few times a day, he will need more. It doesn't hurt to have a sippy cup available to him at this point, especially at meals.

    BF rules that don't apply after a year... I can only think of one. Before a year, you're supposed to nurse before feeding baby solids, so that breastmilk intake is maximized. After a year, you can continue to nurse before solids, or not, as you choose.

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    Default Re: How much water for a 13 month old?

    I have a 13 month old too and he still nurses 12+ times a day. I just make him a 8oz sippy cup in the morning and make it available all day. He usually drinks about 6oz of it in tiny amounts through the day. I put it on his highchair at mealtimes and on a low shelf or on the floor for the rest of the day. I like for him to be able to grab a sip if his mouth is dry or he is too busy playing to nurse. It hasn't effected his nursing at all
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