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Thread: Trouble getting toddler to drink cow's milk

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    Question Trouble getting toddler to drink cow's milk

    I'm currently weaning my daughter, and I've been doing it so gradually for about four months now. We are now down to nursing just once a day.
    As I weaned her, I introduced cow's milk. It's not her favorite, and she sometimes refused it. However, she still drank enough (after a lot of struggle), especially when I take into consideration her yogurt intake. Sometimes, she'd accept formula but not cow's milk.

    Anyway, now that we are down to one nursing session, she's refusing cow's milk all together and I am getting really worried about the amount of milk she's getting each day.

    I've tried flavored milk, all types of sippy cups, a cup with a straw, and even a bottle.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

    Also, how many ounces of milk should she be getting? She's 16 months old.

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    My boys don't drink any cows milk. They do however, drink almond milk and get a ton of calcium that way (more than in cows milk, I believe). She can get nutrients in other ways. Yogurt is great too.

    Is there something in particular nutrient wise that you're worried about her getting/not getting?
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    What is she drinking? Water?

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