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Thread: Waking to feed

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    Hi all
    Any thoughts on waking a baby to feed? Dd2 is nearly 6 weeks, and colicky but otherwise healthy (good gain, normal pee & poop). Most nights she's hungry after a first 4 hr sleep and then every 3ish through to morning. On the rare night that she doesnt wake in her normal pattern, I'm torn whether to wake her or let her sleep :dunno:.

    Should I or shouldnt I? I'm not sure, especially at 2am
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    I'd let her sleep. The general advice is to wake them until 6 weeks but you're nearly there and it sounds like everything is going the way it should.

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    My daughter is 8 weeks old and I have woken her once, last week. It was after she had slept for 5 hours at night and I was starting to get pretty engorged. Other than that she wakes herself up without any problems. I would keep sleeping as long as everything is going well!

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    Yes I would say let baby sleep in this particular case, although if you get uncomfortably full, there is no reason, imo, to not go ahead and try to get baby to nurse just because it is often easier to nurse than pulling out the pump or even hand expressing. Also you don't necessarily need to wake baby up, if held close to the breast and given access many babies will latch and nurse in their sleep.

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