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Thread: Strike? Or just more hungry than usual?

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    Hygienically, the Ameda pumps should be okay, but the motor really doesn't last all that long for their professional grade pumps. Depending on how heavily used the pump is, you may need to buy another very soon because it dies which will probably be much more expensive than just buying a new one now.

    I have a Purely Yours (looks pretty much the same as the Lactaline) and it is dying on me after very part time work over the past year and a half. They are really only built for one user, even though it is a closed system.

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    Make sure that you get a double electric pump. It will do better at removing milk and keeping up supply.
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    Thank you, ladies. I'm buying a Lactaline which has been used for some 3 months, though intensively. The current owner has promised it works well.
    Regarding my sleeping problems... The thing is, because my baby now won't generally nurse without the SNS, lying-down feedings are becoming an engineering challenge, and most of the time I end up sitting up (and waking up). On top of this, my baby is so interested in EVERYTHING but eating during the day, that even if I try to BF her once and once again, she fusses and cries, then she's really hungry at night so she wakes up often and spends a long time nursing each time. When she finishes, she's full of energy and wants to play... I try to ignore her, but she won't calm down, and by the time she does, I'm totally awake.
    I'm sleeping some 4 hours a day, which is definitely not enough. And when I do manage to get some sleep, I'm always lying in the most weird position due to the BFing, so I have pains all over my neck and back.
    I try to put her to bed at around 6.30pm but she won't fall asleep until 8-ish. Then she's ready to go at 5am. The she takes 2-3 naps during the day: one of these is 3 hours long (in the morning) and the other are from 30 min to 1 hour.
    I know this has nothing to do with BFing, but maybe you have something to say?

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