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Thread: 3 month old nursing more often at night.

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    Default 3 month old nursing more often at night.


    I'm a first time mom and EBF my son who just turned 3 months. He has been a champ at nursing, though there have been some tough times where he nursed 'round the clock. He has silent reflux and after figuring that out and getting him on meds at 7 weeks, he started doing so great! We put him in his own room and he nursed every 3 hours at night and once went 4 hours (it was amazing!).

    About 2ish weeks ago he started nursing a LOT more frequently at night!! Anywhere from 45minutes to 2 hours between feedings at night. We have not had a 3 hour stretch since then. Lately, he falls alseep (hard!) around 8ish. He sleeps for an hour and wakes up, then just kind of chatters and nurses 'til 10 when he sleeps again. Then he'll sleep for about 2 hours at a time (sometimes less) with only a 1 hour stretch in there somewhere. He nurses decently when I go to feed him, but not in a really hungry sort of way. It doesn't seem to matter if I feed him on only one side or both, he'll only go about 2 hours. Nothing in our routine or daily life has changed. He sleeps in the same place (swing), has a cool, dark room, is dry, clean and swaddled.

    I do wait just a little bit to see if he's just making noise or really needs me and he never settles without me going in and nursing him.

    Any advice on what may be happening or how to get him back up to 3 hour stretches?

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    Default Re: 3 month old nursing more often at night.

    Welcome to the forum!

    If there is a reliable way to get 3 month-old babies to go 3 hours between feedings, please let me and all the other mommies in the world know what it is! I mean, I know what doesn't work: scheduled feedings, formula, cereal before bedtime, sleep-training, swaddling, pacifiers, prayer... You might want to read Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic look at infant sleep and some gentle techniques which may help your baby sleep more independently.

    At 3 months, many babies go through a big growth spurt which results in more frequent nursing. Many of them also start the teething process, and they master or experiment with a lot of new developmental milestones (like reaching and rolling) that often make them wake more. So what you're experiencing is normal. The only thing that may be a bit different for you is that your baby has silent reflux, and his waking could be explained by him outgrowing his dose of medication. So I think it makes sense to talk to your pediatrician about that possibility.

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