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Thread: Sore Nipple/Flat Nipples

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    I have flat nipples and was given a plastic nipple to attach over my nipple- It works sometimes but if my baby is really hungry he just fusses and pulls the nipple guard off my nipple its like he is panicking. When he finally does latch on after feeding my nipple is so sore i can barely put my bra back on. So lately i have just been pumping and feeling him my breast milk from a bottle. Is this horrible? Any ideas that can help me out?

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    Many, many moms have dealt with flat, inverted, short, wide, etc. nipples and gone on to breastfeeding success! As the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding states, it's just a matter of figuring out how to match up parts, and your baby will love to breastfeed no matter what shape you are.

    If you really want to get your baby latched on properly and without pain, you need to get rid of the bottles. He needs to learn to latch on to a breast (YOURS!) and not a bottle nipple. There are special suction devices made by Lansinoh that you can use to pull out the nipple just prior to latching baby. Pumping for a minute can also help pull the nipple out just before baby latches. You can also massage out to nipple using your fingers.

    I assume you've done some reading about this, but in case you haven't, you can check out:

    After baby has been nursing for awhile, you may notice that your nipples are no longer technically flat. You probably won't have to deal with it if you have future babies. (A good reason to stick it out and keep nursing now.)

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    Exclusively pumping is not ideal. It is way way harder long term than breastfeeding.

    It sounds like you need some hands on help from a board certified lactation consultant. Baby needs to be checked for tongue tie, and you need hands on help with latching. You may think you can't afford it, but I will tell you this....one visit with an IBCLC is cheaper than pumping. EPing coat me $2000 for the first year (I had to, as my baby was born with a cleft palate)
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    Hands-on help.

    Have you tried nursing without the shield?

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    Agree with all above. You have been given a nipple shield, which is a great tool when needed and when used appropriately, and often a big problem if it is not needed or used inappropriately. A trained IBCLC can help you figure that out.

    Meanwhile, with or without the shield, try to nurse baby at the very earliest cues or even just offer all you want, no need to wait for cues. Generally speaking, a calm baby can latch and nurse better than a frantic one.

    If you are able to feed baby with the shield without pain to you, but not able to without the shield, nursing with the shield is WAY better than exclusively pumping and bottles. You would not have to use it forever. Some moms do still have to pump some when using a shield to maintain appropriate supply.

    Exclusive pumping and bottles is certainly not horrible, it is of course wonderful to give baby your irreplaceable milk when baby cannot nurse. But at this point it is probable your baby CAN nurse with the right assistance. And exclusive pumping is way, way harder on mom and difficult to maintain long term.

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