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Thread: Allergy... Help?

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    Hi Ladies!
    I'm hoping some of you can help and shine some light.

    DS is 7 weeks old and BF has been going great. He loves to eat He is a great happy baby with the exception of A LOT of gas. We figured he was slightly colicky and would grow out of it. He always had yellow seedy poop (with a few green ones here and there.. Yes I have OALD) but it didn't happen frequently. Anyways, Tuesday I noticed a small amount of blood in his stool. I called the Pedi and we went in the next morning. Doctor said he has an allergy and to stay away from all dairy / soy and whey. It's been tough already but I will do anything for my son. Here are my questions:
    How long till I can see an improvement? It breaks my heart when he cries due to gas. We have tried leg movements, certain holding positions, gripe water a few times (prefer not to use) and while sometimes it works, we don't always see results.
    The doctor said I could put him on a special formula but said he didn't recommend it because breast milk is the best thing for him. I agree 110%. The only thing is I feel guilty for continuing to feed him knowing he has pain (I read it can take up to several weeks for it to leave my system).

    I just want my sweet boy to feel better. I'm a first time mommy so I freak out about everything

    Thanks for reading.

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    My DD also has a dairy intolerance and I have been off of dairy for 7 mos now. It takes about 2 weeks for the dairy to get out of your system, but hopefully you will see an improvement in your LO's gas before then. You may see weird poops for 4-6 weeks though as his GI needs to heal.

    You probably want to cut all dairy, including hidden. I started with just the obvious and ended up having to cut it all. Check ingredient labels carefully - this will get easier over time. Here is a link to a hidden dairy cheat sheet that I keep in my wallet so I can check labels when I shop. Whey is a milk protein so that's included in the "dairy" umbrella As far as soy goes, I think that if a baby has a dairy intolerance there is a good chance they may also have an intolerance to soy, but it's not a guarantee. My DD is fine with soy. So, you may want to start with cutting dairy & obvious soy first and if you don't see an improvement in a few weeks then cut hidden soy as well. Or you could cut both completely for a couple months and then try some soy and see if he reacts. Up to you But I will warn you - soy (soy lecithin) is in EVERYTHING. It can be really tough to be completely soy free, tougher than dairy free I think. But there are mamas here who have done both, so hopefully they will chime in with some suggestions for you if you have to fully eliminate both.

    to you mama! It will be alright...I am a FTM too and I felt the same way when we saw blood in DD's poops. You should see an improvement soon I think!
    DD, 7-2-2011, "Little Owl" nursed for 21 months

    DS, 10-10-2013, "Mr. Man" EBF and going strong

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    Don't let this freak you out. Blood in the poop looks freaky but usually isn't a big health concern. I nursed my second baby through months of intermittent bloody poops, and she is perfectly healthy.

    Your doc gave you good advice not to switch to formula, which is AWESOME! Often docs hear "bloody poop" and automatically reach for the formula can. I think a dairy-wheat-soy elimination is one way to start to manage the problem. You could also start simply by eliminating dairy, and giving it a few weeks to improve (or not) before eliminating soy and/or wheat. Dairy is supposed to be the most common allergen.

    Often gas is independent of allergy concerns. Sometimes "gas" is actually just normal newborn fussiness or colic. You might want to try the following:
    - keep baby upright after feedings
    - warm baths
    - motion (rocking, swinging, riding in stroller or car)
    - closeness (wear baby in a sling)
    - white noise
    - fresh air- take baby outside when fussiness is worst

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    Default Re: Allergy... Help?

    I think Dr. Jack Newman has a reasonable and simple protocol for eliminating dairy when it is suspected that dairy proteins in your breastmilk is an issue for baby. I agree with pps it may make much more sense to start with dairy so you are not trying to eliminate so much at once. Newman addresses dairy specifically at the end of this linked article, which also contains other great info on "colic." http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17

    I really would not worry about your milk "hurting" your baby while you work to eliminate dairy. Even if the issue is something you are eating (which you don’t really know for sure at this point) the health AND comforting benefits of nursing at the breast will outweigh any issues caused by that.

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