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    Hi! Does anyone know the guidelines for how long warmed (frozen and refrigerated) breast milk is good for?

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    there are lots of different guidelines out there, but i actually don't know of many that specify how long a WARMED bottle is good for. normally they just say "for that feeding" without specifying how long the feeding would last. somewhere i read the advice to treat milk along common sense food preparation guidelines - that makes a lot of sense to me, and also helps me make sense of all the various different recommendations - different people will have different tolerances for different food handling practices!

    i can tell you that in my house, refrigerated then warmed breast milk is good for however long it takes to finish, even an hour or two, then re-refrigerated and re-warmed if necessary. frozen milk will only warm once before it sours.
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    I was told to remember 8 8 8. It can be good out of the fridge (freshly pumped) for 8 hours, can be good in the fridge for 8 days and can be good in the freezer (main part not the door) for 8 months. And you can rewarm fresh milk one time.

    ETA: Also if you are not adverse to tasting a bit of it, it is quite easy to tell when its starting to be off. Just like with cow's milk.

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    I never warm it, so I don't worry about this too much I use the bottle until its gone, which is usually the next feeding. Follow how you would handle food.
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