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Thread: Supply and latching issues

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    I had my son almost four weeks ago. He was born at 35 weeks, he had a severe case of jaundice that we had to be readmitted to the hospital over night to help with it. He will not take my breast at all. He gets on it and screams and fusses the entire time I try. They ended up giving him the bottle and formula in the hospital due to blood sugar issues he was having. I have a medical grade pump and I do pump every couple of hours and I still have lack of a milk supply. I think at the most a day I can get 120 Mls out. I've tried eating loads of oatmeal and I still do take Fenugreek even though it doesn't seem to help me. I really want to be successful with breastfeeding and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel like the worst mom because I can't fix the problem. I successfully breastfed my daughter with no issues with it. That was only 5 years ago. Does anyone have any advice. I willing to try anything. I've even tried the tube with the nipple shield and he still wont go for it.

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    Thosenmightbbe helpful as you could be a momwho responds poorly to a pump.

    As far as pumping goes, consider these suggestions:
    Make sure your horns are the right size
    Pump often enough
    Pump for enough total minutes a day, which is 120 minutes out of 24 hours. At 4 weeks, you should still be pumping 8-12 times a day.
    Do breast massage while pumping
    Sleep with your baby; skin to skin is good for your supply
    Take enough fenugreek to smell like maple syrup.
    Consider othe herbs, such as blessed thistle, shatavari and red raspberry
    Consider medications, such as Reglan and
    Hands free bra

    Have baby assessed by an IBCLC for issues that may make it difficult for him to nurse, but this could be a situation of nipple preference, which is difficult to overcome.

    Have you tried a nipple shield? It is more like a bottle nipple feel to the baby. Run the SNS tube under it.

    The issue with all of that is the time. I have BTDT. My fourth son was born unable to nurse. I did the SNs for a while, but it was so time consuming to pump, to try to feed him via SNS (which took forever) then to feed again via his special feeders, which also took forever, repeat, and something had to give. if he will let you, try pumping one side while nursing on the other. The letdown might help him be interested.
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    Default Re: Supply and latching issues

    Pumping every couple of hours with a hospital grade pump and getting just 120 ml (4 oz) per day... Hmm. Makes me think that something physical might be up that's preventing you from producing more. So in addition to the excellent recommendations above, I'd suggest getting checked out for thyroid issues (very common postpartum, even in women who never experienced them before) and talk to your doc about the possibility of a retained fragment of placenta. PCOS also might explain your difficulties, but since you seem to have had o trouble nursing your older baby it seems unlikely.

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