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Thread: 2 week old Dozes off while Feeding

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    I am a new mom and first post in this forum. I am a mom to a sweet little 2 week old boy. I really want to breastfeed my baby but totally confused what I should be doing or where I am going wrong.

    I tried to breastfeed him first but as this being my first baby my milk came in slow... I kinda was teary eye and worried that my already litte (he was 6lbs 1 oz when born and 5lbs 9oz when i left hospital after a normal delivery) baby wasnt getting enough and started him on some formula.... I have been trying to latch him on me and I think i have been kind of successful (not completely sure though ... my nipple and aereola are very big and his mouth too small)

    Now at 2 weeks I am having good supply of Breast milk.... But my baby seems to feed forever on my breast. He feeds for almost an hour dozing in between.... I have to wake him up pulling his ears and tickling his feet. But even after 1 hour of feeding he wont realease. when all my teasing fails and he starts sleeping on my breast with my nipple in his mouth... I slightly release him. He sleeps for few minutes. As soon as i put him in his crib he is awake and starts crying and gives me cues. I feel so frustrated....... then on suggestion of my MIL and ped I give him formula (1 oz) which he gulps down and relaxes and sleeps well When i pump after feeding him.... I get less milk from the breast on which he fed.....

    I am failing to understand why he doesnt feed on me? I tried to give him just one breast at one feeding on a friends suggestion. I tried to alternate him beteween the 2 breasts. Burped him in between.... even changed his diaper to keep him awake and feed on me. All to wain.. i want to contain this suituation as soon as possible..

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    Hhe sleeps even when I feed him with bottle.... but yet I know how much he is getting and secondly he looks contended after bdrinking from the bottle. Please advice.... what should i do? I am confused and dont want him to give up feeding on me. I give him pumped milk and feed him 2-3 times only.... because of this ordeal... Also I give him formula in the night (2 times 2 oz each)

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your baby. In my opinion you should stop all formula supplements immediately. Your baby is doing exactly what babies are supposed to do. Why did you ever start formula? The doc gave bad advice if he suggested baby wasn't getting enough, the weight loss was super minor in the hospital. What you need to do is nurse as often as baby wants, you are about at a growth spurt and will feel like he wants to nurse non stop...normal. He is signaling your body to make more milk, these signals will be lost if you continue to supplement. If you worry about baby getting enough, watch the output, baby should have 5-6 wet diapers per 24 hour period.
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    Agree with pp-babies born in the hospital typically lose up to 7% of birth weight, most of the time it's normal and not a concern, and it has nothing to do with baby not getting enough! All mothers, first time or not, make colustrum in the first few days, which is scant in volume and does not look like "milk." This is the proper first food for all babies. Then milk becomes more abundant and baby starts gaining.

    Your baby wants to nurse lots because 1) that is how he gets enough milk and gets comfort and 2) that is how he makes sure your milk supply increases to what it needs to be to meet his needs going forward. This is the time your milk supply is being established and unnecessary supplementing will interfere with this process.

    Your baby’s behavior is normal. Think of it this way-until 2 weeks ago, your baby spent his entire life being fed and comforted continuously, safe and warm inside your womb. He never knew hunger. He never knew bright lights, or cold, or fear. He was never "put down" -he was always held close to your heartbeat. He never knew the bodily sensations of 'eating" and digestion he is experiencing now.

    Now his comfort comes from nursing at the breast and being held close to your safe and warm body. Mothering will not always be this intense, I promise! But your baby wanting to be held and nursed pretty much continuously is perfectly normal in these early weeks as baby adjusts to this new world.

    Here is a good article on what to expect in the early days and how to make sure baby is getting enough milk: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    tips on waking sleepy newborn: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...py_newborn.pdf

    diaper log-monitoring poops allows you to be sure baby is getting enough: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...diaper_log.pdf
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    Default Re: 2 week old Dozes off while Feeding

    Excellent advice from Jenna and LLLMeg. I especially suggest checking out LLLMeg's links on sleepy babies and diaper logs. Also, I can't remember if the sleepy baby link mentions switch nursing, but if not, here's what you do: every time suckling slows and baby seems to be dozing off, you take him off the breast he's on, burp him or change his diaper, and switch him to the opposite side. If he starts to doze off again, repeat the process. Just keep on doing it until baby is satisfied and really no longer wakes.

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    I also agree with pp. Just wanted to add that my LO dosed off at the breast a lot in the beginning. I found one trick that sometimes worked was to burp her while still at the breast. That would wake her up enough for her to suck a few more times. If I took her off to burp her she seemed to expend all of her energy getting back on to the breast and fall right asleep again. If the nipple was still in her mouth she would wake up suck a few times then sleep again then I would pat her back again, she would maybe burp then suck again repeating the whole process.

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    Congrats! I went through something similar when my son was born in January. When we brought him home, he had a few wet diapers but no poopy ones for 5 days. We had to go back to the doctor 4 times that first week. During the first visit, his weight was dropping and bilirubin count was increasing. The doctor said we might need to give him formula. I kept my baby at the breast frequently, minimum of every 2 hours. He had no latching problems, and fell asleep everytime. We'd rouse him, remove some of his clothes, anything to get him to continue feeding. I had no idea whether he was getting anything. During the 2nd visit, same results - weight decreasing, bilirubin increasing. I had to resort to giving him formula during a 24 hour period, and I continued to nurse. I tried Mothers Milk tea and a beer. That night, my milk came in! And boy I knew it - ouch! The next day on the 3rd apt, he finally pooped and his weight didn't drop, but bilirubin still increased. By this time, I knew my son was getting nourishment from me, so with the final appt that week, weight increased and bilirubin dropped. Diaper output showed everything was working as it is supposed to!

    I agree with the other posts, he is doing what he's supposed to, but it also takes a lot of practice! My nipples hurt so badly, but it was a small price to pay in exchange for getting my son used to the frequent feedings. All in all, the frequent feedings (at least every 2 hours) increased my supply and toughened my nipples! Two weeks is still a short period of time so keep at it. Good luck!

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