You know, I don't think the poops sound all that odd to me. The early months of introducing solids are an adventure at both ends, as I recall. Your baby’s digestive system is still developing and seeing lots of whatever went in come right back out (in a sense) is kind of typical for when solids start. (The flip side is some babies become constipated, which is really a drag.) I assume you are not offering dairy products? So that eliminates the major allergy suspect, although if you are giving baby any processed foods, crackers, etc, that may contain some dairy. Based on things you mentioned in your other thread I also think there may be a little forceful letdown (foremilk/hindmilk imbalance) going on which might explain otherwise unexplainable green color, It is not an issue unless it is causing baby discomfort. Ditto swallowing lots of saliva from teething causing the mucousy look-there may be lots of things going on, none of which are causing any harm.

As far as the number of poops, I don't find that abnormal for this age.