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    Hi. I recently wrote about 6 wk old who cries a lot. Went to pediatrician and he has wt. loss of 1 oz since checkup at 3wks. I have been doing demand feeding and lots of consoling. He has infrequent BMs. For example breastfeeding today for half hour and then supplemented with 2oz of formula. Pumped but only produced 1.5 oz. LC sd I should supplement with formula too. How can I increase milk production ASAP? Thnx

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    Get a galactalogue supplement... it helps increase milk supply. Check in ur local indian store for Zandu Satavarex.... mix that in milk and have it twice a day. Saying from experience.

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    Pumped but only produced 1.5 oz
    That is normal single session pump output. It’s actually on the higher end of normal for a mom who is also nursing around the clock (not separated from baby.) Plus pump output is NOT a reliable indicator of milk supply, a baby who can nurse effectively is typically much better at extracting milk from the breast than a pump. So this suggests low supply may not be the issue or at least not the entire issue.

    Unless there is an underlying medical issue, the only reason a baby will not gain well on breastmilk is if baby is not getting enough breastmilk. But this does not always mean low supply! This can happen if baby is not nursing frequently enough (a minimum of 10-12 times per 24 hour day) OR baby is unable to extract milk effectively, OR mom has low milk supply. Sometimes there is a combination. It is important to understand what the real issues are so the problem can be approached systematically and effectively.

    If you are being told to supplement due to weight gain issues but not being given help with figuring out why your baby is not gaining appropriately-in other words, of you are being told to supplement without getting hands on breastfeeding assistance from a person who is well educated and trained in lactation assistance, then you are not getting proper treatment.

    When a breastfed baby is not gaining well, it is vital that breastfeeding be properly assessed and properly assisted. To do this, someone with proper training needs to sit with you and watch baby nurse. Several before and after nursing weight checks may show if baby is extracting milk effectively or not. (Usually you want to see a gain of 2 or more ounces when doing a before and after weight check at this age-but one weight check will not give you enough info as a better or worse than average session will give an inaccurate result.) If baby appears to have difficulty nursing, the LC should be able to suggest to you and help you try different positions, latch techniques, breast compressions to increase flow, etc. If supplementing is deemed necessary, options for supplementing methods should have been discussed, as well as instruction given on how to keep up/improve milk supply while supplementing, and how and when things should be re-assessed in order to wean off supplements if possible. If the LC you saw did not do these things I suggest you consider seeing someone else.

    Informative article on low supply: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

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    Agree with pp. Also, a half hour nursing session would definitely NOT have been long enough for my LO at 6 weeks.
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