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Thread: diet and breast feeding

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    Default diet and breast feeding

    How many calories a day should I consume to keep up my milk supply?

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    This link has some more information, but the general rule is 300-500 calories above what your body would need otherwise.
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    I believe you have to consume an extra 500 calories a day on top of what you should be consuming for your normal weight! I hope that helps. I know I am ALWAYS hungry..so I just graze all day! =) haha

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    My understanding is that milk supply isn't going to be affected unless you're getting fewer than about 1500 calories per day. But you can have a perfectly good supply of milk for your baby and yet not be getting quite enough calories and nutrients for yourself, which is why extra calories are recommended.

    But if you eat when you're hungry and eat a good variety of foods, you probably don't need to put much more thought into it than that.

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