Ok, so I have been trying to block feed all day, fed on right side at 6.15 am ish, she went onand off refusing till 8am, then fed same side at 9am, she went on and off refusing till 10.15am ish fell asleep for 15mins.Fed on left at 11am ish, she went on and off refusing till 12.45am ish fell asleep for 40mins, then again on left at 2pm ish on and off refusing till 3.30pm, fell asleep for 15mins. Fed on right at 5pmish, on and off till refusing till 7pm(so been asleep 20mins so far, still latched on, wakes uo if I take her off! When I say on and off refusing I mean, she has a few sucks, struggled, gulps, pulls off, screams, arches, fights, sucks my bra, arm, anything apart from boob, if I put her down, she gives hunger cues , shouts and cries, so I offer again and she screams, turns away etc, then with time(a lot of time) latches, sucks, chokes, pulls off and here we go again. The 2nd time on a side is slightly better than the 1st as I'm obviously not as full, however as you can see the 1st feed almost leads into the 2nd feed and then the 2nd feed almost leads in to the swap. I think that the longest I have had without feeding or trying to feed today is about an hour. Not sure what to do, if I block feed she refuses as she just can't cope with flow, I have been taking her off for let down, but she can't cope with flow before or after. I think that for her to cope with the flow when I swap, I would have to hand express about 5oz(that's a guess). If I did this, would my supply increase or just not decrease as quickly? When she is a bit happier feeding I could slowly try to hand express less. Do you think this would work or would I find myself having to express more and more for her to cope? Anyone have any experience of having to express when block feeding. Would again be grateful of any advice. May also post same thing on "too much milk" forum incase anyone different viewing. Thanks everyone!