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Thread: 9 week old refuses bottle

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    Default 9 week old refuses bottle

    My husband has tried giving our 9 week old DD many kinds of bottles, and she refuses them all. She screams histerically til I nurse her. I feel trapped because I can't go anywhere! We have tried Tommee Tippee, Breast Flow, Born free...
    Anyone have any suggestions? She has a really bad gag reflex, too. I am wondering about the Yoomi or Adiri nurser? or the mimijumi or medela calma? Anyone tried these? I hate to spend money on bottles that are not going to work. Grrr.


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    Default Re: 9 week old refuses bottle

    I haven't had that problem myself, but when my little guy falls asleep at the breast and needs to be put into his crib what I do is to quickly swap the pacifier nipple and my nipple. Holding the pacifier up against my breast until I know he'll stay out, you may try that. It may just be unnatural for her to be eating so far from you.

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