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Thread: Pumping schedule before going back to work - how to change

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    Default Pumping schedule before going back to work - how to change

    My son is 2 months old today and will be 3 months when he goes to daycare. At first he'll be there Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from ~8am-6pm. Right now I pump once a day, after his mid-morning feeding (usually ~10am), in order to build up a supply to freeze. I usually get 4-5 oz. between both breasts, even after he's fed -- sometimes as much as 9-10 oz. if he doesn't feel like eating much.

    When I go back to work in 4 weeks, I'll only be able to pump twice a day, so will do that about the same mid-morning time and again mid-afternoon. It will end up being about 4 hours between feeding/pumping during the daytime on those three days. What I've noticed is I seem to have a LOT of milk in the mornings, and if he doesn't eat much I'm uncomfortable until that 10am feeding & pumping session. I'm worried that *not* feeding him and just pumping when I'm at work will be even worse, comfort-wise. I also had mastitis once a few weeks ago and really don't want that again.

    I was thinking I should maybe stop the post-feed pumping session a week or so before I go back to work, so I'm not making quite as much milk when I'm back. I'll nurse him exclusively on the days I'm working from home and on the weekends, so hoping I won't have any supply issues - never have so far, with my first either.

    Does this seem like it will work, or do others have suggestions?? Also worried about discomfort once he starts sleeping through the night, but luckily he's still up at least once a night so I'm not engorged or anything when I wake up. I know we are supposed to adjust to the demand but my body doesn't seem to get the message all that quickly.

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    Default Re: Pumping schedule before going back to work - how to chan

    Eek, the idea of only pumping every 4 hours - especially with your history of mastitis - is really scary to me. What is the restriction on pumping, and is there any way to make it healthier/safer for you? Tell us your situation and we can brainstorm.

    I would also worry about long-term supply issues, althugh it sounds like you're not concerned about that.
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    Default Re: Pumping schedule before going back to work - how to chan

    The restriction is a combination of general work schedule and the schedule for the lactation room at work -- we just have one and there are several "returning moms" as they call us, so schedule is pretty tight. I don't have an office of my own to use. I guess I could use a bathroom if there is an outlet accessible. I did that with my first (12 years ago before there were laws about having space for this) and it wasn't ideal but it worked for a while.

    He is eating about every 3 hours all day though, so I didn't think going to 4 would be too much of a stretch, for just 3 days a week. He does a 4-5 hour stretch at night too, sometimes 6. If I'm nursing more or less on demand the other 4 days a week, maybe it will kind of even out?

    And long-term supply... I guess we'll see how it goes. With my first I could have fed 10 babies. I had so much frozen, unused milk, it was kind of amazing, at least to me. I've had more than enough milk with this one so far too.

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    Default Re: Pumping schedule before going back to work - how to chan

    Given your little one's age and working for 10 hours days, I would try and find a way to pump 3 times.

    You should be able to schedule 3-30 minutes pumping sessions in a room, even if you have to share it. If you have a better supply in the morning, why don't you pump right when you get to work (and the room may be empty), and then again before lunch and mid afternoon.

    I have never had an oversupply issue, but it sounds like you produce quite a lot of milk. You may not want to keep pumping before returning to work if you are producing 9-10 oz at one session. Hopefully some experienced mamas will comment on that.
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