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    My boy is six wks old and wants to be on the breast almost constantly. I don't mind, but I'm concerned because he seems to have a lot of gas and starts to cry almost immediately whenever I take him off my breast. I have tried colic calm, pacifier with mixed results. I don't think I have OALD. Any suggestions? Anything I can take to help him digest?

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    You are hitting the 6 week mark Many babies are fussy and have to eat all the time at 6 weeks. While tiring, just nurse.

    Gas is Ok.

    I think you are doing Ok myself and would just go to bed and nurse on demand and let this ride out.
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    6 weeks. Big growth spurt, coinciding with peak fussiness and often with maximum mommy tiredness, as well. It's unlikely that there's anything you're doing wrong, or much you can do to fix this. You just have to roll with it, and wait for baby to grow out of it. But here are a few strategies for coping with intense fussy behavior:
    - Nurse. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Baby can't fuss when his mouth is full.
    - Fresh air. Take baby outside during maximum fussy periods.
    - Warm water. Give baby a bath in the sink.
    - Motion. Risk in a rocker, swing in a swing, ride in a stroller.
    - Closeness. Wear baby in a carrier.
    - Calm house. Turn stereo, tv, and lights down or, preferably, off.
    - White noise. Run the vacuum or dishwasher.

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    Agree with the PP's. My little girl is now 6.5 weeks. This is baby #3 so it's all very current for me, but that doesn't make it any easier. You nurse, they fuss, the spit up, they fuss, you nurse.... You aren't doing anything wrong, it's a system maturity thing, along with some developmental issues (focusing eyes, smiles, longer wake times, etc.). You just have to ride it out.

    A ride in the car is also a good way to help settle them if you've nursed for the upteenth time. If you are using a pacifier and babe does take it - make sure that once they settle and fall asleep, you take it away. It shouldn't be left with them. You don't want hunger queues to be missed due to sucking on a pacifier rather than you nursing and giving them milk.
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    Default Re: Constant crying

    My boy is six wks old and wants to be on the breast almost constantly.
    When I hear this, I think "What a smart baby"

    This means I think this is entirely normal and appropriate newborn behavior.

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