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Thread: Help Me Please...6.5 month old issues.

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    Default Help Me Please...6.5 month old issues.

    Hi - looking for some guidance and reassurance.

    Brief history - exclusively breastfed baby girl since birth and she is now 6.5 months. Her last pedi appt she was 15 lbs. 26 in. (25-50% weight / 75-90% height). Started solids at 4 mos per pediatrician (oatmeal w/ breastmilk once a day). She is now eating oatmeal for bfast, pears for lunch and oatmeal and starting veggies at dinner.

    She has always been a very efficient nurser...5 mins tops on one side and went two to three hours stretches.

    Problem - I feel like my supply is dwindling and she might be self weaning. Her naps are non-existent (maybe 20-30 mins....at best) and she sleeps pretty well at night but still wakes up to nurse but does occassionally give me a 4 to 5 hour stretch at some point. She doesn't seem interested in nurseing...she will latch on for a while and pop right off at about 3 mins now. I used to have OALD and OS....now it seems like it takes forever for the letdown to come and I think that might be part of the problem. Also, her poops are becoming "weird"....less of the yellowy kind of poops from the beginning....I guess this is the solids, but seems like a lot less than before.

    I guess I just want some reassurance that she is doing fine with supply....and that if she had more breastmilk she might nap better during the day. My boobs don't feel as full as before and that worries me. Any advice or encouragement is welcome and appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help Me Please...6.5 month old issues.

    If you had oversupply, it might be that your body is finally adjusting to the amount that she needs. Also, she may be taking in more of her calories at night as she's more interested in things going on during the day.

    How would you feel about backing off on the solids? When you say that you are giving her these three meals, how much are you giving her at one time? I know you said that your pediatrician said to start at 4 months, but what you are saying you are feeding her sounds like a LOT of solids to me for a 6.5 month old baby.

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    Default Re: Help Me Please...6.5 month old issues.

    It does sound to me like your LO is getting quite a bit of solids. I know that my experience and opinion is not the only one out there, so take my thoughts for what they're worth to you. At 6.5 months, solids were still "token" meaning that the twins got "some" solids here and there. They've loved oatmeal with applesauce for breakfast since they first tried it way back when, but we never really made a big deal out of offering true meals, so to speak, until much later. Even now we tend to have two true meals (breakfast and dinner) with a snack or two thrown in during the day and my kids are 19 months. I know that solids consumption does depend on the child.

    With oversupply (ugh, I had CRAZY oversupply and OALD!), my twins had a big adjustment when my supply finally regulated a little bit. I went from gushing and from them having to do nothing but think of nursing to encourage letdown to them having to actually work (a tiny bit ). We had a bit of confusion at that time but we got through it by nursing a bit more frequently and eventually they got used to the different feeling while feeding.

    At 6.5 months, milk is still SUCH an important part of a baby's diet. They are receiving so many nutrients that they cannot get from solids at that age. My thoughts would be to pull back from the solids a little bit and offer the breast more often and see what happens.
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    Default Re: Help Me Please...6.5 month old issues.

    with the PP. At 6.5 months, many babies are still just starting solids, eating a teaspoon or two per day or perhaps not even that. The amount of solid food your baby is consuming does seem on the high side, and it may be impacting her desire to nurse and to maintain a good milk supply. Since it won't hurt to back off on solids, why not try it?

    The sleep issues you're having probably have absolutely nothing to do with supply. I'd blame teething or normal developmental stages for the short naps, and forget about the nighttime sleep: it's entirely normal for a baby to continue to wake at night no matter how abundant her mom's milk supply is. My kids both woke several times a night until age 2.

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