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    Hi, this is my first post! I will try not to make this my life story....

    I am pregnant with my second baby, my first baby I had a 53 hour hospital labour, gave birth naturally, and spent a few nights in there struggling to breast feed. So i,n my sleep deprived exhaustion I caved and gave him a bottle. When he was 6 weeks old I decided i wanted him back on the boob, so I relactated, pumping 10-12 times a day, putting him to the breast, skin to skin weekends in bed, and taking domperidone to help my supply. I successfully managed to express enough milk to offer him a bottle at the end of the day, and would give him boob before he went down for the night. He would only really snack on me because he was used to the flow of the milk from the bottle. My milk never 'came in' and I had a low supply but I continued with this until we relocated to Hong Kong from the UK and he was formula fed from 6 months. The difference between feeding him at 6 weeks was it didn't hurt, his latch was perfect, and I had confidence in myself.

    This time I am armed with knowledge! I am learning the science behind breastmilk and I will be joining my local LLL meet every month until baby is born, I have a LC coming to see me in hospital when i give birth, and some home visits too. I am DETERMINED to breast feed exclusively this time.

    So, my first question is: do i prepare by getting lots of fenugreek, milk thistle and possibly even domperidone just in case I have the same milk supply issues as last time? Or do I not bother, and just get on with it? Will it hurt to take fenugreek regardless? what are your views on herbal supplements? Obviously domperidone will be a last resort, if I have supply issues this time I will pump after feedings and do everything I can possibly do to empty my breasts.

    Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for any advice or support you can offer me.

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    Welcome and congratulations on the baby to come! I'm sorry you had such a rough time with your firstborn. It's awesome that 6 weeks in you decided to give breastfeeding another try, and made it to 6 months with combination feeding (breast and formula). With your dedication and education, I am sure you can achieve whatever breastfeeding goals you have this time around!

    I know that it's very tempting to stock up on supply increasers after you've battled with low supply. I had real supply issues with my first baby, and when I was pregnant with my second I almost ran out and bought fenugreek and a pump, because I assumed that I would have the same struggle the second time round. Instead, I had a totally different issue: oversupply! I made so much milk that my baby was being flooded. I think many moms notice increased supply with their second baby.

    So I don't think you need to run out and get yourself a bunch of herbs. Just nurse the baby on demand, don't give in to the temptation to supplement, and you're going to do just fine! If you do get into trouble, make sure your first stop is a visit with a good lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. Many problems with newborn nursing can be sorted out with hands-on help from a professional. And if necessary, definitely try the herbs! Many moms- including me- find that fenugreek, blessed thistle, and ordinary oatmeal are good for supply. And fenugreek and oatmeal are cheap, particularly if you buy fenugreek seed rather than capsules.

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    Thanks MommaL! I am certainly not going to be afraid to ask for help this time round. Fortunately I live in an area that is very pro breast feeding, so I have an abundance of support at hand, and my husband is clear on what I want to achieve this time - I don't need to be hearing 'just give him a bottle' when times get tough )

    I will be eating porridge oats by the bucket load too! And flap jack, oh the horror ;o)

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