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Thread: Baby hard to latch on after let down

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    Default Baby hard to latch on after let down

    My 8 week old and I are still learning the art of bf. He will latch on, but as soon as my milk lets down, he will choke and start crying. It seems that no matter what I do, he will not re-latch. I hold him until he stops crying and try again, but I think he senses that I want him to feed again and he starts to cry AGAIN. Any suggestions to get him to re-latch? Thank you!


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    Default Re: Baby hard to latch on after let down

    Hi Sarah,

    I had similar problems with my baby for some time. One idea is to express a little milk (either hand express or use a pump) to get your let-down over with, and then latch the baby. Or if expressing seems a bit of a pain, when you notice the letdown when he's latched, you pop him off by gently inserting your finger at the corner of his mouth to break the seal, then express some milk into a cloth (or cup if you're feeling coordinated), then relatch him. While he might not like being unlatched at first, it might help him comfortably finish a feeding.

    Also, you can use gravity to your advantage. Recline in a chair or lay on the bed and place him laying directly on top of you (head pointed to your head, toes pointed to your toes).

    Those are the two suggestions I can remember at this point. I'm sure others will chime in with great advice, too.

    Good luck and just know that it will get easier.

    Marcos 11-4-03

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    Default Re: Baby hard to latch on after let down

    Poor guy, wants to eat but it comes too fast We too had that issue a couple of times. The above suggestions were good, keep it up! He will get it, I have a 9 month old and I have to say that I really feel that the "breastfeeding relationship" is really established now, ds finds so much comfort in nursing throughout the day and night. So sweet to see him crawl over to me and want me to pick him up and nurse, sometimes even just for a min and then get back down and go along on his way.

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