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    I have been using a nipple shield for the last week with my newborn since after his circumcision, he had issues latching on and it's what the nurses gave me. The past few days when he starts, it hurts pretty bad. I've tried to get him to breastfeed without it but I can't seem to get him to stay latched on. Any advice??

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    Nipple shields can be useful tools when used appropriately, but they do not solve the issue of WHY a baby is not able to latch, and they can cause pain if they are the wrong size, or are not put on right, or are not really the correct tool for the situation. This is why they should only be used while under the guidance of a board certified or otherwise well trained and experienced lactation consultant.

    How old is baby and when was the circumcision done? Was breastfeeding going fine until the circumcision? If so, what do you think caused the issues at that point? Did your milk become abundant around the same time, did you start feeling very full or engorged? that can make it much harder for baby to latch.

    Without knowing more, all I can suggest is to keep going back to latch and positioning basics, keep trying different positions/latch techniques, and, if you want to keep using the shield because that is the only way to get baby to latch, to check the size and be very sure you are putting it on correctly. Make sure you are removing milk from your breasts frequently, at least 10-12 times a day. Nursing is the best way to do this, shield or no shield, but pumping and hand expression may be needed if baby cannot latch well, or remove milk effectively, or nursing is causing nipple damage/too much pain.

    You could check out the latch and positioning ideas posted in this thread: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...-Breastfeeding

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