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Thread: What bottle is best for a breastfed baby on strike

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    If the Zantac is being spit out, ask your doctor to switch to Axid. It is basically the same thing and works the same way, but it does not have the alcohol content of Zantac and tastes much better. The dose is not as quickly outgrown either IIRC. You can also try having the Zanctac flavored, but the only compatible flavoring is grape. One of my babies also took Prevacid solutabs, in additon to Axid, and I tucked it in his cheek to dissolve.

    Just saying from the mom of four reflux babies They never tell you there are options.
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    i forgot! standing - yes! my babe likes to be stretched out. when he wasn't doing as well i often nursed standing up and would hold him dangling in front of me. now i sort of do the same thing but seated. he sits on my lap and sort of stretched out though (he is a very long baby).
    if the meds get figured out then i think your babe will go back to nursing. i was afraid my guy hated nursing too but it's only when he feels bad, he just can't! but he still likes it!
    DS does that latch on, swallow, pop off thing too. i think he's getting distracted lately (isn't this the age?) but also when the milk does come he pulls off if it hurts.
    i will give DS a quarter dose more meds if a ton comes out his mouth of if he spits up within five to ten minutes. i know that i am not over dosing him because i have that formula to go by and know the high end of the dose. that's something you can kind of go by i think. but obviously i am not a doc just going on my guy feeling and trying to let that guide me while using the info i have...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*hawthorne View Post
    the dose for zantac is 4-6mg per kilograms of weight then divide that by 1/2 for twice a day dosing. i used an online calculator to figure out kilograms. my baby is now almost 17 pounds so i give him the minimum for that weight which is 1.5mL. he was taking 1mL before which wasn't enough! you could talk to your doc about the dose. we took what i thought was the minimum and that was 1mL. my doc gave me this info so that i could figure out the dose myself (as we have been traveling so wouldn't be back to the same doc for a few months.)
    i found that even the type of syringe made giving the medicine easier. at first we had a long skinny syringe and that was messy and the babe spit out tons. when we got a refill of his meds the pharmacy gave us a fatter syringe so we don't have to pull out the one part as far and it is a quick squirt. if i lay babe down nearly flat and get the syringe in the back corner of his mouth and quickly squirt the meds in there, it seems to work best. he often has to swallow and his tongue doesn't kick it out. then i keep him upright for 20 minutes or so to make sure he doesn't spit it out. also, i usually try to burp him before and try to give him the meds before he eats or an hour after he ate last so he won't spit it up with his last meal.
    hope this helps!!! the dosing stuff just makes me stomach hurt because it just seems like what we had going on last week... crossing my fingers.
    I can't even begin to do that kind of math and conversions. I have a big syringe. I will try that.

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    my pedi said I could mix it with corn syrup??? And go ahead give 1 ml since whatever I am getting into her isn't helping. I forgot to ask about axid of whatever, but I'll bet our insurance doesn't cover it or something. My baby is on medicaid. Other times when I've asked for something different, they've said medicaid won't usu cover it.

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    Well just because Medicaid doesn't cover it doesn't mean you can't get a prescription from your doctor and pay retail. I don't know what he retail price is but sometimes it is not as much as you think, and could be worth it if helps tremendously with the reflux.

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    so if your baby is 13 pounds that's 5.91 kilos
    (i used an online calculator)
    the formula is 4-6 mg per kg
    so on the low end that would be 4 x 5.91 which is 23.64
    then divide that in half (i would round up to 24) to get 12 which means 1.2 mg twice a day for the minimum for her weight.
    then i guess our syrup is 15mg/mL so maybe you are right on with the dose? makes sense if you just saw your doc.
    okay! glad we chatted about this cause now i realize that our guy is at the high end. good to know!!
    can't wait to hear that your LO is doing better!

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