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Thread: Loosing the latch

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    I'm wondering if anyone has any insight. I'm nursing an almost 4 year old as well as her 10 month sister. About 3 days ago the older girl started to lose the latch repeatedly during a nursing session. It seems that the breast just slips from her. She doesnt seem very bothered over this and just continues. I know that eventually kids will lose the latch but I thought 4 years old was quite young for it. I was looking for her to self wean by cutting down on the feeds (now 3-4 per day) at her own pace.

    I dont think there is anything I really can do about this but thought I'd post anyway to see if anyone has encountered this before.

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    From what I have heard sometimes they get lazy and you have to replace them back on when they do this. At the same time, this is a age I find (from friends and such) that weaning completely does seem to be predominate. (IE they seem to naturally wean at about 4).

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