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Thread: Separation problems - Can you help this mom - NB magazine

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    Default Separation problems - Can you help this mom - NB magazine

    Below is a mom's question sent in to New Beginnings Magazine. Have you experienced this? Were you able to do something that helped ease any separation anxiety? Replies may be published in an upcoming issue. You can reply here or in a private message. Replies may also be sent to making.it.work@lllusa.org. If you send a private message in either space, we'd love to know your name and location for the magazine, if you feel comfortable. Thanks, in advance, for all you do for other moms!

    Winema Lanoue
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    Mother's Question:

    "My seven-month-old son is in daycare while I work during the week. On the weekends, he does not want anyone else to hold him or help care for him, including my husband. I assume this is because he misses me when I am at work. Is this normal? How have other mothers helped their babies get through this kind of separation?"

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    Default Re: Separation problems - Can you help this mom - NB magazin

    Two of my four have exhibited mommy attachment. While I only work part time, it was tiring to not be able to hand my third son off to Daddy when he came home so I could have some freedom for an hour or two in the evening because the baby was not amenable. However, we recognized fairly quickly that trying to insist that baby stay with Daddy was counterintuitive and seemed to prolong the issue. So we agreed that Daddy would do dishes and housework in the evening and play with our older sons while I nursed baby. I also wore baby in a sling quite a lot so he was with me but I could have my hands free, in an extension of what I did during the day.

    The worst was seeing my husband's reaction; one night, he said, "I just want to hold my kid," when the baby cried when Daddy looked at him and offered his arms. But he understood it is a phase, and now, that son is all about Daddy...good thing, as our fourth is all about Mommy right now!
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    Default Re: Separation problems - Can you help this mom - NB magazin

    I think it's normal even for 7 month old babies who have a stay at home mom. I work too and my babies both really only wanted mommy at that age.

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    Default Re: Separation problems - Can you help this mom - NB magazin

    I stayed at home with my kids. My first daughter was never all that clingy, but my second... She went through an intense phase of mommy-only attachment. I think the only thing that really helps is time.

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