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Thread: Yellow mucusy stool!

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    Exclamation Yellow mucusy stool!

    Hello everyone, I have a 15 week old baby girl EBF and its been a long journey but everything is going well with breastfeeding. The problems are with the baby's poop. for the first 6 weeks or so, her poop was yellow and seedy, then i noticed after a growth spurt, her poop was green, foamy, mucusy and smelled like vinager and she was pooping a lot so i chalked it up to an oversupply. that lasted 3-4 weeks, asked the ped and she said it was normal and i knew it wasnt. I had been eating dairy from the beginning and thought "if she was sensitive to it, it would show" but her poop was yellow and seedy so i thought dairy was fine so i ate a lot of it.

    Now after that cleared up, it returned to the "chocolate chip" smelling poop that i was familiar with but there's still mucus in it! I've stopped eating dairy and I do have slip ups with the trace amounts of dairy but now I've cut that out. could there be something else causing the mucus? she isnt fussy or gassy or irritable. she's happy, active, sleeps 1-4 hours at a time and sometimes she doesnt lol... she has 3-5 poopy diapers and plenty of wet ones. a week or two ago i noticed she has had aczema flare ups on her eye, forehead with rashes on her neck and leg. could that be a sign of a dairy/soy protein allergy? i didnt cut out soy just soy milk.

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    my baby's poop is what I call mucusy too. Sometimes it's stringy, but she never acts like it hurts and never acts gassy or anything. And it's always dark yellow.

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    I have a 4 month old and he had some green mucousy poops lately that are also stinky. I thought more vinegar smelling but not sure. All I have ever heard is that this is within the normal range. Although I have eaten a ton of dairy lately. It's so hard to know! Maybe someone with older babes will have ideas.

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