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Thread: Vasospsms?

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    Well, my LC believes I have this or raynauds... My nipple turns whit after feeding and hurts SO bad! My question is do vasospasms interfere with letdown? Occasionally my son struggles at that breast. That side also has cracks and a fibroid under the nipple, so lots going on there... Any thoughts?
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    Pain to mom when baby is nursing can cause letdown to be inhibited, and I bet the anticipation of the vasospasm pain post-nursing could possibly do this as well. Trying to relax and do deep breathing, visualization, or other relaxation/pain management techniques while nursing may help.

    But more directly, a poor latch will cause or exacerbate the vasospasm! So besided the comfort measures I hope you are using for the vasospasm, what is being sone to improve latch/heal the cracks? I don't know anything about fibroids, sorry.

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    Well, I thought I was handling that. I saw my LC when we were at 9 days old. He had a shallow latch. I do the "sandwich" and push him on into the assymmetrical position. It normally hurts at first and gets better. I am using APNO, which healed the scabs. Now I am left with 2 big cracks. They hurt terribly, too and I don't know what else to do to heal them. He is refusing to nurse on that breast so far today. I am exhausted (he got out of the hosp Monday). I now know why women quit...
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    I dealt with vasospasms for 6-7 weeks with my first and didn't know to get help. It was the worst pain. I too understand why women quit. I know I wanted to.

    With LLLMeg's comments.

    Are you using bottles or pacifiers? If so try to minimize those while you and Jude work towards a deep, comfortable latch.

    Has he been checked for tongue tie? Sometimes those posterior tongue ties are sneaky and difficult to catch, but can cause big trouble for breastfeeding just the same.

    Comfort measures for yourself: Keep yourself from getting cold chills, as those can trigger an attack. While air-drying is usually recommended for healing nipple cracks, you may have to limit the time you spend doing so as it can cause a cold chill and therefore an attack. Try to keep yourself and the room warm.

    Dr. Jack Newman's site has lots of information on vasospasms/Raynaud's here

    Magnesium with additional calcium supplements have been helpful for some women, while others have moved ahead and started taking Nifedipine when other measures did not help.

    Hang in there, mama. You can work through this.
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