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Thread: Crying while nursing

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    The post from elco reminds me of my baby who has reflux. Cries at breast, cant nurse even though gives hunger cues, happy on shoulder. He takes zantac now which has changed everything. But here's a link that might be helpful.


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    My DD was also on Zantac for about 6 weeks for silent reflux. She had a very wet voice/breathing which clued us in. She outgrew it pretty quickly. That helped a lot. The other thing that helped for overtired was baby wearing. Once she had been nursing awhile and still fussy, I wrapped her in the Moby and walked around. If she was tired, that would calm her/get her to sleep.

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    We just went back to the chiropractor, and it turns out his jaw was locked. That could explain a little about the crying because he was in some pain. The pediatrician said nothing about reflux and no ear infections. He is, however, somewhat congested, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I do wonder if his digestive system is still just immature and uncomfortable when he eats since new food signals the system to start moving.

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