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Thread: Possible OALD/OS issue

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    Default Possible OALD/OS issue

    I know that I have an OALD problem, and think that I may also have oversupply but am not sure. Breastfeeding has become very frustrating for both my son and I, so I am hopping someone here has some insight or suggestions for us! Sorry, this is a novel but I thought the more information the better.

    My DS is 3 months old. Since he was about six weeks, he has been very fussy while feeding, constantly pulling off the breast and many feedings end in tears (his, and occasionally mine). He will usually feed for three to five minutes without any problems at all, though he starts swallowing audibly immediately and a few times when he has come off the breast in the beginning of a feed he was sprayed in the face. He frequently has milk dribbling out the side of his mouth as well. After 3-5 minutes (during day feedings only, night feedings go smoothly and generally without issue, I think because he is still so sleepy. Also, the first feeding of the day often goes very well) he will start popping on and off, and often this leads to tears and cries of frustration. If I stop him to burp him, he will often start to cry very loudly until I put him back on. When I switch sides he is usually OK for the first minute or so, but then will start crying again. It is a cycle of popping off, crying, hungrily going back at the breast, and repeating.

    I have seen two different lactation consultants. The first suggested that the reason for his pulling off and crying was because he would get used to the fast milk at the beginning, and was frustrated when the milk flow naturally flowed. A second lactation consultant suggested it was an oversupply/OALD issue and suggested block feeding, starting with three hours per side. He HATED block feeding, and it did not seem as though he was getting enough to eat. So I switched to one side per feeding and that seemed to work very well for us until last week (although he went from eating every 2.5 hours to eating every 2 hours). During his 12 week growth spurt it was clear he needed more food, so I went back to feeding both sides and he definitely acted like he needed the milk. This went very well for about a week, and he was eating every 3 hours or so. But then he starting crying and screaming again during each feeding.

    So now I've switched him back to single side feeding, but I'm afraid he doesn't get enough to eat. When I feed on both sides, he eats about 7-10 minutes from the first side, and then anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes on the second side. He lasts approximately 3 hours between feeds during he day and sleeps 9 hours at night, but also has more problems with spitting up. Single side, he eats the same amount of time from the first breast, 7-10 minutes, and I don't offer the second one and can't get him to go longer on the first. He eats every two hours during the day and wakes twice during the night (after 7 and 3 hours).

    I'm not sure what to do, because i'm afraid single side he isn't getting enough, but he seems so miserable feeding both sides and it seems like he gets too much (since he spits up a lot).

    Has anyone ever dealt with something like this or have any suggestions? Sorry for the incredibly long post!

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    Default Re: Possible OALD/OS issue

    Have you tried nursing in a reclined position, leaning back or the Australian hold (so-called because mom is "down-under" baby, lying nearly flat on her back)? Using gravity to combat rapid milk flow might be really helpful.

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    Default Re: Possible OALD/OS issue

    Have you tried letting the initial let down of milk spray into a towel or burp cloth? I had to do that for a while with A2. I also to this day only feed one side per feeding and she is 7 months old and not on solids yet. I have OALD and OS. At 3 months old feeding every 2 hours is expected and healthy so I wouldn't worry about that. Same with the night wakings.
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