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Thread: Block Feeding - How long to see results?

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    My 5 week old has nearly always had green poo. His weight gain has been fantastic, so wasn't too concerned. However, about 2 weeks ago, he started having 'gas' issues, especially at night. My LLL Leader suggested block feeding. I started this on Tuesday (now Thursday), and still getting green poos (although gas seems to be a bit better).

    Just wondering how long it takes for block nursing to be effective? I would love to go back to non-block nursing as my 'unused' breast can barely make it to 2 hours (feels like day 5 engorgement!!)

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You asked a terrific question, but one which is impossible to answer because the answer is so variable from individual to individual. Some moms respond quickly to block feeding, within just a few days, but others must persist for weeks or even months before they conquer the problem.

    The fastest way to deal with oversupply is to put up with the engorgement/fullness as much as possible. But if you are unendurably uncomfortable, you can hand express just enough milk to restore comfort. That will still allow your supply to decrease, albeit at a slower rate than if you simply put up with the engorgement.

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    with pp

    With DS it took me months to fully get my OS under control. With DD I had the benefit of knowing it would be a problem, so I started block nursing almost immediately once my milk came in. It still took several weeks to balance out.

    It sounds like you are doing 2 hour blocks right now. If after a week or two you are still having issues, you may have to increase the length of the blocks. I have pretty severe OS, so I had to go to 4 to 6 hour blocks before my body finally got the signal to slow down.

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