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    It's too much. YOU should be freaking out. I understand being grateful about having her help and wanting to tread lightly so she doens't get offended or feel not appreciated. BUT she IS ABSOLUTELY overfeeding your child. And you should protect your child from that. Because the truth of the matter is that your baby DOES NOT need supplementation. And her wreckless mis-use of your milk if going to cause your child to get inferior nutrition. Don't stand for that. I agree that supplementation is not the end of the world. If it's NEEDED. But why corrupt feeding breastmilk exclusively if it's not needed? Formula puts your baby at risk. It just does. Often those risks are being weighed against other percieved risks like FTT or low supply. You DON'T have those problems. YoU HAVE plenty of milk and it's being squandered. Make smaller bottles. Make her feed less. Don't give your baby formula if you don't have to.

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    Wow. Switch bottle types to really make him work for it and talk to her about how she is feeding, because that is your root problem.

    I had a free babysitter who overfed, just like your mom is, and I ended up switching to another one, whom I pay, because of this. I was leaving 12 oz and coming back 4 hours later to all the milk gone and a crying baby, with the sitter saying I think he is hungry that all stopped when I changed sitters. That might not be an option, but something to think about.
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    So a bit late on seeing this but, I had the EXACT problem with my MIL & not wanting to step on her toes as she was sitting for free at a reduction of her own work hours. I bought a scale & weighed him before & after feedings, while she was there. Just nonchalantly, not, I have to prove this to you sort of way. She would arrive, we'd chat for a minute, I'd make like I was going to change him, weigh him, tell her, wow, he weighs xx. Then nursed, make like I was going to change him again & weigh him & say, wow, he ate a lot, 3.5 oz! even if it was only 2. Sort of hard to tell me he was a "hungry little monkey" and he "sucked every drop of 2 bottles in a row dry" after that. I did have to do it a few times for her to catch on but that was the last thing I could do besides just yelling. I printed the fact sheets, how much they should eat, how to hold bottles, how to do everything to soothe but feed, telling her how much of a sore stomach he had that night, none of that worked. Only the irrefutable proof that he does not, in fact, when eating on his own regulation, down 7 oz.

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