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Thread: Does my older freezer freeze milk enough?

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    Default Does my older freezer freeze milk enough?

    So I've got one of those old fashioned (1970s) freezers that is a compartment inside the refrigerator (as opposed to a separate door on the fridge). Some of the milk storage guides say that the milk frozen in these isn't good for as long as a newer freezer. I have only a few packets frozen, as I have weaned DS, and had never defrosted one until yesterday--when I wanted to give him a special treat. But when I checked the milk storage guides online, I found that milk stored in freezers like mine is supposedly not good for more than two weeks!

    Is it ok to give it to DS even though my freezer doesn't always "keep ice cream hard" as the guides say? It certainly kept the milk frozen completely hard. What is the reasoning behind this rule? This milk is from the end of January and now that it's defrosted it looks and smells fine. It's been almost 24 hrs (which is the cut-off for defrosted milk, they say) so please let me know your thoughts asap! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Does my older freezer freeze milk enough?

    If it looks, tastes, and smells fine, it's fine.
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    Default Re: Does my older freezer freeze milk enough?

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