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    My DD is 10 months old and is (finally) taking a liking to solids. Now that she isn't refusing everything I give her, it is fun preparing her meals and finding new little things that she will like. I am having trouble figuring out substitutes for dairy though since she has a cow's protein intolerance (i have tried re-introducing at 6 months, and a few weeks ago...but she still gets really bad gas and sometimes blood in stool). I know she wouldn't be able to have cow's milk til a year anyway...but what will I give her instead? Regular soy milk? Will this be a good source of calcium and will I need to give her other calcium rich foods (like what?) to make up for what she won't be getting from cow's milk? ( i will start weaning her from breast milk at a year). Also I found some soy yogurt that i am super excited about and she loves it!! Any other dairy allergy mama's out there have some other suggestions for dairy substitutes??
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    We use coconut milk, flax milk, occasionally hemp milk. There is also rice and soy milk, though my son is allergic to soy and won't drink the rice milk for some reason. You have to stay on top of the whole diet to make up for what's missing, though. Make sure to provide calcium and vitamin d-rich solid foods like dark green veggies and beans and things like that. You might also consider continuing to nurse for a little while longer since nursing 3-4 times a day means you don't need to provide any other milk alternative. It might help you have peace of mind that no matter what she is eating (or not eating) she is getting everything she needs.
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