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    Galactogogues are pharmaceutical or herbal medicines that are thought to increase the production of milk.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before trying a galactogogue:

    • Frequent and effective breastfeeding or milk expression is the most important factor in increasing milk supply. If the breast isn't drained thoroughly or often enough, a galactogogue won't help.

    • Natural is not a synonym for safe. All medicines, including herbal ones, may cause side effects or drug interactions. Please talk to your health care provider before trying any herbal or pharmaceutical treatments.

    • There is little research to support the effectiveness of galactogogues. Few quality studies have been done, and the results have been inconclusive. Due to possible side effects and lack of evidence for galactagogues' effectiveness, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine does not currently recommend any specific galactogogues.

    LLL Sources

    The Breastfeeding Answer Book: Galactogogues supplement to The Breastfeeding Answer Book, March 2012 - Discusses pharmaceutical galactogogues (domperidone and metoclopramide/Reglan)

    Non-LLL Sources

    Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Protocol on The Use of Galactogogues in Initiating or Augmenting the Rate of Maternal Milk Secretion, 2011 - Covers both pharmaceutical and herbal galactogogues
    Health Canada: Domperidone safety warning addressed to health care professionals
    Kellymom: What is a galactogogue? Do I need one?
    Fenugreek Seed for Increasing Milk Supply
    Prescription drugs used for increasing milk supply
    Oatmeal for increasing milk supply
    LowMilkSupply.com: Galactogogues to Increase Milk Production
    has short sections on
    • alfalfa
    • blessed thistle
    • fennel
    • fenugreek
    • nettle
    • goat's rue
    • shatavari
    with dosage recommendations

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