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Thread: Very fidgety baby, constant thumb sucking

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    Default Very fidgety baby, constant thumb sucking

    I think my baby has silent reflux. She really fusses when I try to nurse her during the day. She's a slow gainer. She's SO fidgety and the moment she is done nursing, in goes her thumb. She even fidgets during nursing. She doesn't really relax unless she's got her thumb. She has two settings: high and off. I had read that babies suffering with reflux want to suck continually.

    I have wodnered if anyone else has seen this with their reflux babies.

    Also, I have heard the reflux meds make a baby more hungry? is that becaue it revs up their metabolism more?? Because she's hyper enough as it is and is a slow gainer because she won't nurse that well during the day, and then she burns thru her calories being so jittery and kicky.

    Any thoughts??

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    Default Re: Very fidgety baby, constant thumb sucking

    my 3mo has these same issues, its very hard getting him to nurse these days... hes constantly fussy at the breast, pulls off atleast 4 times during a session. Sometimes refusing my breast completely. And many other things that i wont go into detail wasting time lol. Ive exhausted every "what if" and have come down to acid reflux, but my pedi is very reluctant to diagnose him with it and put him on medicine, which im okay with because id rather not have him take medicine if he is still gaining weight well. But its very frustrating and exhausting. Our days revolve around trying to get him to nurse and being worried im pushing the breast too hard and hell form an aversion. Good luck to you! sorry im not much help... but im right there with you

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    Everything I've read here and everywhere else says at this age, if they won't nurse, they can't, meaning it's painful. We've been dealing with this since 10 weeks old. It is controlling my life! mine refused my breast completely alot too and will barely take anything from a bottle. Sometimes she's in the zone and she's got a good latch on the bottle and then she's kicking and squirming and we lose it. I'm trying hard to do the paced bottle feeding when we have to, but she's so wiggly! I don't know if her pedi would says she's "gaining well". To me, I feel like based on the number of successful nursings each day and her diaper output, she's getting enough, but that's it. no extra. she doesn't have that relaxed content look after nursing. UNLESS she's sucking her thumb! I am so thankful when the day is drawing to a close, because I know she'll nurse well and will be peaceful.

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    I have a 4.5 months old who has been on meds for reflux since he was four weeks. He was clearly in pain (arching at breast, pulling off after as suck or two, crying when I'd offer the breast and squirming yet hungry). It was exhausting! I spent all day trying to nurse him and all day trying to get him to sleep and stay asleep. I was afraid to leave the house with him cause he would cry in car- I could never put him down and he didn't like sling or moby. Anyway the meds help a ton! He still has a bad day here and there but he is sooo much better. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/chi...hat-do-faq’s
    After reading that list of symptoms from dr. Sears I called pediatrician and really insisted on meds because while I didn't want babe on meds, the other things (inclined sleep, upright after eating, ect.) didn't help. And baby in pain and stressed, over tired is sad and wears on you too.

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