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Thread: Oatmeal - does type matter?

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    Default Oatmeal - does type matter?

    To increase supply, oatmeal has been recommended. Does it matter if its Quaker Oats, instant oatmeal or steel cut oats? Does the type of oatmeal have an impact?

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    Default Re: Oatmeal - does type matter?

    i use quaker instant and regular. i do not think it makes any difference. from what i have read they do not know that oatmeal helps, maybe it is just relaxing, maybe it does have an effect. i figured just eat it because it is super healthy and could help.

    i ate it every day until my lo was 1 year. i couldnt take it anymore. i have noticed no difference in my supply. if i have another baby though i would eat it again, just in case

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    Default Re: Oatmeal - does type matter?

    ive also used both instant, regular and steel cut. the steel cut tastes the best. i dont think there is a difference in what kind you use though. i have not noticed a measurable difference since i dont pump, but it seems like lo is gulping more and faster when i've had oatmeal
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    Default Re: Oatmeal - does type matter?

    I don't think it matters either, though I think rolled oats taste alot better. I just put them in the microwave the same way as instant and they turn out just fine.

    One extra delicious way to get some oats in is to make lactation cookies - http://www.food.com/recipe/oatmeal-c...rujillo-192346

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