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Hey there -
We used a sleep consultant at one point: http://sleepdoctorevans.wordpress.com/
She was both BF-friendly and OK with CIO, which seems to be an unusual combo. Maybe check out her blog.
Good luck!
Jessica - I wonder if you showed this blog to your boyfriend if he would change his mind about cry it out. This lady was into cio but you can also see that it didn't actually work. It sort of worked sometimes, but she had to do it over and over. She would stop when her kid was sick (which is great, I think!) and then she would have to go back to it.

That was something that I always thought was weird about my CIO friends. They would comfort their sick kid and then spend another week doing CIO afterwards. Or when the grandparents are in town, they would want to respond to baby so that the grandparents wouldn't be bothered by the crying and then have to do another week where the poor baby had to relearn that his parents weren't coming to comfort him in the middle of the night anymore.