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Thread: A 'middle way' of weaning?

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    I would highly recommend reading Mothering Your Nursing Toddler by Norma J. Bumgarnerg when your baby gets a bit older. What you think at 5 months of nursing can completely change by 1 year, 18 months and on into toddlerhood. Many Mothers who think they will not be nursing when their child is 3 or 4 are pleasantly surprsied that they are when the time come. The book gives many differing opinions and is an easy read.

    Happy nursing. Enjoy!!

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    I have a 2.5 year old and I honestly couldn't picture nursing a child that "old" when he was a baby. However, I do plan on weaning once all of his 2 year molars are through. I do love nursing him, but I'm feeling done. I admire my friends who nurse their preschoolers, but I would prefer not to. I am not worried about weaning him then, because he went for 6 weeks without nursing while I had to go away for a bit in Nov/Dec (I'm in the military), and he did fine for that period of time. So, I know he is not so attached to nursing at this point that he can't go without it.

    I also agree about the manners. I don't nurse DS2 in public (and he's quit asking) and he has to ask nicely to nurse. Before he was really verbal I taught him to tap the upper part of my chest to signal that he wanted to nurse. Any other annoying behaviors he's developed I've been able to put a stop to.

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    This sounds like a nice setup, hope I can make this work for us, too!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*littleturtlelove View Post
    with PP, I pump weaned at 11 months and started cutting back nursings then too. I started giving him a sippy cup when I was away at work with some breastmilk I saved and coconut milk when he was 1. I gradually phased out feedings SLOW--- I'm talking a month here. Now we are happily nursing 1x a day right before bed. My son doesn't tear at my shirt or ask at all during the day. He just "knows" nursing is at bed time and that's it. I plan to continue breastfeeding between 18 mo and 2. Child led weaning isn't for everyone. You have to do what works for you and your family.
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