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Thread: Mastitis or something else??

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    My DS is 8 weeks this week and I think I may have had mastitis (again?), but I'm not sure! My left breast by my armpit is tender to the touch (getting better today though) and I had the chills and was very achy and just felt awful. I took some motrin when I started to get the chills so I'm not sure if I ever had a fever. It came on very quickly I felt great all day then at 3pm I felt like I got hit by a bus. I had something similar when DS was about 4 weeks old, there was no breast tenderness then but I definitely had a fever that time and felt worse. Each time it has not lasted for more than 24-36hrs. Could this be recurring mastitis or something else? I haven't asked my doctor since each time it seems to clear pretty quickly, anyone else experience something similar?

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    What you describe could certainly be mastitis. If it weren't for the breast tenderness, I might have said it was a 24 hour flu. Sounds like you've managed to clear it without using antibiotics, which is great.

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    It sounds like border-line mastitis or a bad clogged duct.. ive had my fair share of clogged ducts, and one of them i had a touch of mastitis, but took care of it quickly and didnt need to be treated. With a clogged duct it is common to get a fever and feel flu like symptoms, but i believe(dont quote me!) that the difference between a clogged duct and mastitis is the symptoms lasting more than a day or two. Kellymom.com can give you much better info than i can. but It sounds like youre doing the right things, so just make sure that when you're engorged you pump to relieve or feed lo immediately. if you feel any kind of breast tenderness at all immediately apply a warm compress and pump your affected breast until soft massaging it while u do so and then a cold compress afterward. There are pleanty of remedies online you kind to treat a clogged duct/mastitis such as a hot empsom salt bath. Its very important when u have a clogged duct to get the milk out by nursing and pumping as much as possible (nursing is most ideal). The vitamin lecithin is available over the counter, and it has helped me keep away plugged ducts. its supposed to decrease the sitckiness of the milk, again u can get much better info on kelleymom.com about the vitamin.

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