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Thread: helpful hit regarding breastfeeding pillow...

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    Default helpful hit regarding breastfeeding pillow...

    Hey friends!

    I have been having a really hard time with my son as he is growing heavier and heavier, threw out my back because I have been contorting myself when feeding him (one shoulder up and back) anyways... Also had trouble with my sling, bought a new one yesterday and its a whole new world!!! its a metal ring sling and the fabric is slightly stretchy..its great he's been snoozing and eating for a few hours now back feels great..

    REGARDING the pillow, I'm not sure if this was just me, but I was using one of those 'C' shaped pillows I bought second hand, its bright and quite puffy, I was placing it on my lap like a tray so both my arms rested on each side, and trying to lean back with some cushions behind me, no matter what I did, baby would just sort of slide between me and the pillow. I was getting really frustrated, as he is getting heavy, my wrists and back have been getting sore trying to place him in good position for feeding. (i'm getting to my point soon, promise!) WEnt to the store yesterday for help with my old sling, and had to feed baby, the lady there put the same pillow I had but put it so it wrapped around the side of my waist, so I could REST my arm/elbow on the cushion, have some support on my back and feed him at a great level at my breast.

    I think I'm pretty swift most of the time figuring things out, but I'm sure If I got this confused and have been using this pillow only in the front, I can't
    be the only one...Maybe its just me?? but using it this other way HAS MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!!! I threw the pillow the other day across the room, now I'm kissing it!!!!!

    Goes to show you, a little patiece and help from otheres can really make the difference...I was just so upset..now I'm supporting my back with the pillow and I am able to wear my baby with this new sling (my old Heart 2 Heart) (gift from family friend) didn't seem to do the trick.

    Good luck to anyone who is uncomfortable feeding their baby, with a little work, mama can be happy and comfy too..
    Happy mama=happy baby!!!

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    Default Re: helpful hit regarding breastfeeding pillow...

    If it makes you feel better, I never thought to use the pillow that way either. Maybe I will try it later and se if it makes me more comfortable too. i never seem to be able to get good support for my back - no matter where I am nursing my LO.

    Thanks for the tip!!

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    Default Re: helpful hit regarding breastfeeding pillow...

    I started using the pillow like that almost immediately because our couch is so big and I'm a little fart. My feet never touch the floor hardly ever. The Boppy supported my back and my arms. I'm glad it's helped you!!! I guess I should also help spread the word huh?

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    Default Re: helpful hit regarding breastfeeding pillow...

    Hey! I never thought of that either. I will definately try that with the next baby! I think sometimes we mommies are too tired to be creative and think of things like that Just get stuck doing things the same old way

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