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Thread: Separation problems - Can you help this mom? - NB magazine

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    Default Separation problems - Can you help this mom? - NB magazine

    Hi, again, Mamas! I posted the wrong issue's question, so I am posting again, for the one that is due soon. I so appreciate all the wonderful answers you give! You can reply here or send me a private forum message or send your replies to making.it.work@lllusa.org. Please be advised that I am seeking these answers to be published in an upcoming issue of New Beginnings Magazine.

    Here is the mother's question:

    "My job is demanding and takes so much energy. I care about what I do and don’t want to change jobs, but by the time I come home I am drained. My daughter is five months old and I worry that I am not giving her enough of myself. I’d like to hear about ways that mothers have found to balance work and mothering."

    Winema N. Lanoue
    Contributing Editor
    New Beginnings Magazine

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    Default Re: Separation problems - Can you help this mom? - NB magazi

    My husband and I both work pretty much full time, and some days my son sees more of my mother or mother in law than he does me between leaving early to have time to get ready at work and his fairly early (self imposed) bedtime. So during our busier weeks I try and do a little extra bonding on my days off. I play a record and dance around our livingroom with him and we sing along, well I sing he babbles, or during bath nights I'll give him an extra shampooing so he can play in the water a little longer. If I still feel like we aren't spending enough time together after all of that I just skip doing my hair and makeup and opt for a ponytail and an extra half hour of cuddling on the couch with him.

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    Default Re: Separation problems - Can you help this mom? - NB magazi

    My husband and I both work 40+ hours a week and I commute an hour one way on top of that. It isn't ideal but like you LOVE my job. It is an old adage but it is quality over quantity. My mother worked shift work as a nurse and my dad was head coach in several high schools. I am much closer to both my parents than many of my friends whose parents were always around. When your with her be with her even cuddling can say a lot. It may mean things are less organized or scheduled but you'll find a way. If your worried about it enough to ask for help then your likely doing better than you think.
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