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Thread: Help! Nursing strike!

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    Unhappy Help! Nursing strike!

    Hi everyone- I am new to the forums. I have been breastfeeding my almost 10 month old since day one, and not without many MANY struggles, but I'm worried this one may have me beat. I work at least 40 hours a week and baby goes to daycare- my provider is certainly guilty of over feeding (which we have discussed to no avail- switching providers once I can get in somewhere else!) but I have managed to keep up since he was 2 months old by sneaking in a pumping session at night and taking extra time off if my supply drops. Early last week I noticed baby was gradually cutting shorter our morning nursing sessions, but he still seemed fine in the evenings. He sleeps through the night so I only really nurse him three times on a work day. As of Wed morning, he started refusing to nurse. I can't even explain how upset I am. I'm not sure if I startled him (he has been a bit bitey) or what happened, but he arches his back and acts completely disinterested even when I know he is hungry. Then he follows me in the kitchen, stares towards the bottles and cries. In desperation (and before I did research) I gave him a bottle yesterday and then again last night and this morning- I just missed the closeness so much, I would take it even with a bottle . Before i gave it to him, i did try to hang out with him with skin-to-skin and make it all as positive and relaxed as possible. He looks at me almost longingly and will touch my nipples but get nowhere near a latch. He is so active, he isn't a big cuddler so much of the other advice I have found isn't practical... Also because I work today and then all week starting Monday.

    Any suggestions? My friends and family are all like "great he is ready to wean, lucky you, you can give up all the crap you go through" or "smart kid knows the bottle is easier, let him have it and pump more if you still want him on bmilk." Am i just holding on for me- is he ready? I don't know, but I am so incredibly upset

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    I am sorry mama. Nursing strikes are so hard, and hearing "oh how wonderful!" from those around you has to make it harder. So many people assume that moms are always desperate to wean and that nursing is a burden, and that substituting pumping is no big deal. But for a mom who actually enjoys nursing, it must feel like a big brush-off.

    This is my go-to link on nursin strikes: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/. I hope there's something helpful in there! Have you considered taking baby to bed with you? I know a baby who sleeps through the night is a lovely thing, especially for a working mom, but often sleepy babies nurse better that wide-awake ones.

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    Have you thought about having his ears checked? My first thought was ear infection. Or does he have a new tooth coming? You could also switch to slow flow bottle nipples if you don't use them already - maybe if he has to work a little harder at the bottle he'll go back to nursing

    I'm so sorry mama! I hope this gets better for you quickly!
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